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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Minimum Interior Views of a Home Listing

I'm always amazed to see listings with no photos or with just an exterior view.  Today's savvy buyers expect to see lots and lots of photos.  In fact, many buyers will not consider touring a home they have not already previewed online.

Perhaps your new listing isn't all that photogenic.  That is the case with many foreclosures and short sales, where the owner has not had enough money to properly maintain the property.  One also sometimes takes on houses that really are a fright, because of accumulated possessions that litter every room.

So, what can you do, to give potential buyers a sense of the possibilities of the house - any house?  Take selective interior photos.  That may require that you give the homeowner time to make the house presentable, and even help by making a bed or putting down a toilet seat on the day of the photo shoot.

To provide a sense of the house, minimally take a photo of the living room, the kitchen, and the master bedroom; these are key rooms for many buyers.  If the house has interesting features, such as a sunroom or architectural detail, take photos of those, too.

To augment the number of photos in your listing, and to give a sense of place, include photos of the yard (if presentable), the street, and a nearby park.