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Thursday, April 9, 2009

3 Reasons for Optimism

Are you succumbing to the barrage of bad news about the housing market, home financing, and the stock market? Is all that doom and gloom affecting how you perceive your chosen career in real estate?

Let me offer 3 reasons for optimism and, therefore, 3 reasons to renew your efforts:
  1. Mortgage rates are affordably low for many people who might not have qualified at last year's rates - even under today's more stringent qualification rules. Although it may take more time, people can qualify for loans. Qualify first, so that buyers and sellers can proceed with confidence.

  2. Most first-time home buyers - and there's a fresh group every month - are in better financial shape than those from older generations, who have run up mountains of debt. First-time home buyers are good prospects - as are many recent immigrants. Focus on niche markets like these.

  3. Real estate professionals have been closing transactions throughout this downturn, and the pace is picking up. Every day, my TwitterStream and Facebook Status reports describe listings sold, offers accepted, financing granted, and closings concluded.
To rekindle your own business, build these 3 reasons for optimism into your prospecting and marketing materials, and blog about examples specific to your marketplace.

Have you observed other reasons for optimism? Please describe them in a Comment!

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