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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two Little Words

When you were growing up, a parent or guardian probably taught you the importance of saying "please" and "thank you." At the time, you were being taught to interact with people, politely. If you were like most children, that's a lesson that had to be repeated many times, before it 'took."

What you didn't learn until later, is the power of those words - particularly, "thank you" - in day-to-day business transactions. We rush through our busy days, hardly even seeing many of the people with whom we come into contact - yet all of them should be treated with the same politeness that we offer friends and family. Routinely thanking someone for performing a task for you - even if it is a regular part of the job - is a good way to generate support, when you need it.

However, the most important people you should thank are your clients and customers. Thank them in person, at closing day. Take them a gift with hand-written note, immedately thereafter. And put them all on your frequent-touch cards-and-newsletters program.

Thanking customers and clients ends the transaction (which may have been difficult) on a positive note; you have indicated that they were not just names on contracts, but people with whom you were pleased to work. You have also just increased the probability of getting repeat work and referrals from these individuals.

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