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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Remembering Your Clients & Customers on Special Days

I hope that, as part of your Customer Care program, you acknowledge your clients' and customers' special family days, such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. But what do you do, the rest of the year?

These weeks are important for Jews (Passover) and for Christians (Holy Week). Would you send cards to your clients and customers, at such times? I think the answer depends on how well you know them. If you are confident of their religious practices and believe they would be pleased by such greetings, then, by all means, do send a card or hand-written note. If you are not confident that these wishes would be welcomed, then don't send them.

On the other hand, I do encourage you to acknowledge:
  • Secular holidays, such as Thanksgiving (US & Canada - on different days) and the Queen's Birthday (U.K., Canada, & Australia); and
  • National holidays, such as Independence Day (US), Canada Day (Canada), Cinqo de Maio (Mexico), Bastille Day (France), and Anzac Day (Australia).
Being remembered on general days of celebration helps make your clients and customers feel they are part of a larger community - a community in which you play a significant ongoing role. Seasonal greeting cards also break the pattern of business-focused contacts, such as Open House notifications and monthly newsletters, thus giving your clients & customers a more three-dimensional perspective on your character.

Not only do people like to be remembered, they may actually remember you, if you incorporate Secular & National holiday cards into your frequent-touch account.

For information about the holiday or celebration of the day, have a look at

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