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Monday, April 6, 2009

What Do People See in You?

Undoubtedly, you pay attention to your appearance: You dress as a professional, according to the style of your marketplace. You keep your shoes clean, polished, and in good repair. You maintain your fingernails. Your hair is always clean and properly styled. You routinely look after all those little details that you know are important to your "image."

While these basics are important, there is something else that will draw people to you - perhaps even more than your general appearance: your smile.

A sunny smile simply attracts people! When you smile happily, people perceive you as approachable, confident, successful, friendly, out-going, warm, and accepting of others. A great smile is a wonderful asset!

Do you have a stack of other peoples' business cards, with photos on them? Sort the cards according to facial expression - serious, neutral, or smiling. Then spread out each group of cards. Which group is more appealing to you? Which group would you prefer to join? Chances are, it's the group of smiling faces.

Not convinced? If you are on Twitter, try another experiment: Peruse the avatars of the people you follow. Probably, they include some you interact with regularly, and some you rarely do. Consider those with whom you interact: For which ones do you have a strong sense of their personality? For which ones have you found their personality harder to define? You probably feel closer to your Twitterpals with smiling avatars.

So, what point am I trying to make? Pin a happy smile on your face, whenever you go out in public. (For that matter, do the same at home. It'll get your family's attention, too!) You will find it much easier to engage people in conversation about real estate, because they will be more likely to want to talk with you!

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